how to win progressive jackpots

how to win progressive jackpots

Progressive Jackpots 101

A fancier online term for slots, progressive jackpots come in many forms online varying from simple classic slots to visually amazing multi reeled online ones as well. Often building up to millions, progressive online slots are more addictive since they do not have a set jackpot amount. The jackpot often increases the more the slot is played. At some point a lucky player does win and the jackpot is reset to its minimum amount, which is usually a million. This should reveal the first tip of winning progressive jackpots. Try playing slots that have a sky high amount and cash out before another player does.

Improve Your Chances

You can improve your chances of winning progressive jackpot with a few experiential tips. Consider ignoring the general rule and play with the maximum number of lines the slot may have, when the jackpot is available to those who are playing maximum number of lines. Also pay close attention if the machine demands maximum bets to become eligible to play a certain slot. Being aware of the conditions before you play will increase your chances, since if you are not betting the maximum amount, you may only be eligible for the slot’s set jackpot instead of higher earnings. Also find out if the site you are playing progressive jackpots on allows bonus rounds, where once you hit a certain reel combination, a bonus round automatically appears to increase your wins. If you are a beginner, you might want to avoid any gambling options that may appear while playing slots online. Although if you feel confident it may help you double your earnings or worst case scenario, you may lose whatever you have earned till that point.

Paylines & Volatility

Understanding paylines will be extremely important for your online progressive jackpot experience. Although it may seem daunting initially, a little research or helpful tutorials online might help you understand classic slot patterns. Paylines are like Bingo, or a winning row of the grid that you can select where matching symbols may lead to a win. Volatility is another aspect to keep in mind. While taking your bankroll budget and betting into consideration, high volatility slots pay less often but the stakes are obviously higher. If you are working with a smaller budget, choose a low volatility slot online which pays less yet more frequently instead.

Cascading Vs Tumbling Reels

You would know by now that a classic slot tends to spin then stops once your turn is over. Cascading reels fall into position resulting in your winnings being calculated and then require you to bet again. Cascading reels are also known for their explosive graphics, where your winning combinations disappear from the screen in a celebratory manner. Tumbling reels make your winning combo’s free fall off the screen or lead to bonus rounds also available in multiplayer modes.

Win Both Ways

You can stray from the generic slot winning advice found online by incorporating more creative ways to 12win. Standard slot paylines run from left to right. However, less commonly known feature, if available, should be activated where you have the chance of procuring paylines that work from either direction. There’s no set rule how to win progressive slots, but if you have the budget, you can try out these methods and see if they work for you!