Online Live Casino Strategy

Strategies You Can Try While Playing In An Online Live Casino

Casinos used to make a lot of money and there was hardly any innovation. With smartphones and laptops replacing the dull slot machines and the steep rising of daily fantasy sports contest and internet connectivity, revenues of casinos have quite stagnated. Simultaneously, the popularity of online gambling is rising. This article informs the readers about a few general and not specific strategies one can try while playing in an online live casino.

Free Versions

It is always advisable to practice before getting into the actual field. There are a lot of free versions of different games available online. The player does not require to actually bet with their own money. These games can also be downloaded to the user’s smartphone. The most common games available for free are Blackjack, Poker and Rummy. Practising with free versions can help to develop a few patterns which the game follows.

Luck does not favour all

Gambling is a lot about luck and luck does not favour all. Even then, every game seems to follow a specific pattern in 99.73% of the cases. Researchers have comprehended these patterns into simpler terms and posted on the web. Most of the specific strategies which can be applied in an online live casino, circulate around Blackjack, Baccarat or Craps. In Blackjack, the player is relieved from memorising the entire chart of the ‘Basic Strategy’ as he can open a separate window and use the chart.

Variations in Rules

Even though the games are the same everywhere, some rules differ. There are a total of 34 extensions of Rummy, of which Gin and Indian Rummy are popular. Knowing all the rules could be quite a boring job. For this, there is always a ‘Help’ or ‘?’ icon in the online game. Knowing the rules can be a great strategy because others may not know the variations in a particular rule and this gives the player a competitive advantage.

Money Management

Every player ought to have a budget. This should specify the amount that can be spent on games and the amount beyond which the player cannot afford to lose. As gambling is a lot about luck, there is no guaranteed victory. In this case, if the player cannot maximise his profits, he should minimise his losses. This involves players planning for their losses, set stop-loss limits and also keep players from spending too much time at the gambling site. An important question is: does the player want to win all at once or want to be satisfied with small winnings a day? The latter is less risky because, in the long run, the small loss of today will be offset by some other day’s small win. This is not the case in the former.


Different games have different sets of strategies which a player can apply. Even then, there are a few general strategies which must be kept in mind before starting with any game. In the end, the correct preparation is the best strategy.