Ultimate Slots Review Offers a Challenging Game for All Types of Players

Ultimate Slots Review Offers a Challenging Game for All Types of Players

Slot machines, whether these are played on physical casinos or online gaming hubs, are known for their simple designs and easy gameplay. It has been the design objective of every casino game- to offer players with a game that’s easy to understand, and fun to play. But sometimes, game developers come up with a slightly different theme and design, which can unsettle some players. This is exactly what players will expect from a classic Spade Gaming production, the Super 8 Way Ultimate.


This game is actually based on the classic fruit machine games of the past. But with its slightly different styling and arrangement of the reels, some players have faced difficulty in understanding and playing the game. Is the game hard to play? Is the gameplay and design too complicated for the first-time player? To help you understand this game, here’s the Ultimate Slots review that can help you assess if this is the right game for you.


Different Game Design, Similar Objectives

Compared to the traditional slot design, the layout and design of this game is slightly different, which can become a problem for new players. If you think that the layout is different, it’s suggested that you check out first the Ultimate Slots review, as this will help you understand the unique layout and the retro design that comes with the game. This game from Spade Gaming features a 3 x 3 layout, and the symbols that are present on its ‘reels’ are different, when you compare these to the traditional slot games available today. It comes with 9 reels and 8 paylines, and based on published information, this game can pay you up to 100,000 credits.


There are 8 regular symbols or items that can be shown on the reels, and each type of item will have different payouts. The symbols or items that can be displayed on the reels are single Bar, double Bar, triple Bar, 7s in white, 7s in red and 7s in blue that will pay out the biggest credit on the reels. The pay table for this game is clearly shown on the left side of the screen, and should be helpful for new players. Instead of searching for this information in the game settings, the information is directly posted on the game screen. If you can get five 7s that are colored blue, it can pay out 250 credits. If you get 6 of these symbols, you earn 1,000. But if the reels show all 9 items on all 9 reels, then you hit the biggest jackpot of the game of 100,000 credits. This is also a high-paying game from Spade Gaming, and the only difference is that you will find a slightly different layout and design. And for many players out there especially the beginners, this is the challenging part. If you think that you are also challenged by the design, then now is the time to read an Ultimate Slots review that you can easily find online.